The basic notions

What you need to know

This booklet contains a synthesis of the main results and best practices of adaptation plans, monitoring, mitigation strategies in the Adriatic Sea. It will be used to elaborate information and tools to be presented to individuals and communities to understand about Earth’s climate, impacts of climate change, and approaches to adaptation or mitigation in the cooperation area.

Visual space

Documenting the change

A visual collection of the emergencies faced and the solutions implemented to document the change and to narrate, without words, the adaptation processes that are taking place on the Italian and Croatian Adriatic coasts.

Dynamic Data visualization

Observing data

Simulations and advanced forecasting systems to discover the climate of the future Our aim is to make scientific data easy to understand. Visualizing information makes it easier for users to grasp its meaning without having to read too many contents.

Complex messages are more likely to be successfully conveyed through observation, which guides the reader through the basic data without distractions.

Test yourself

Climate change is a complex and serious issue. It is not easy to understand it, and even less to find solutions to it, because the Earth's climate depends on many factors.